Everything you need to know to harness the power of the most popular editor in Web Development!

Learn VS Code

Visual Studio Code is the most popular text editor for Web Development.  Learning to harness its full power will drastically improve your efficiency and proficiency as a developer! 

Customization, extensions, and more!  Whether you’re new to Web Development or a seasoned vet, there’s still something to learn!  

20+ Videos with over 3 hours of content!

What You’ll Learn

There are so many amazing features in VS Code.  Here’s a quick list of the topics we’ll cover.

Time Saving Shortcuts

Code Snippets

Custom Settings

Popular Extensions

ES Lint + Prettier


Git Integration

Live Share

Meet The Instructor

James is a Developer, Speaker, and Teacher with a true passion for Web Development, Tooling, and Design. He follows the latest blogs, speaks at community events, and participates in Hackathons. 

James spent three years at Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist in New York City and Miami and is currently working at FedEx Services in Memphis as an Application Architect.  He considers himself to be a “Social Developer”, and has over 5+ years of teaching developers.